The animated film ‘Storks’ features a little boy who wants a sibling, in part because his parents are too busy with their jobs to play with him. Any guesses what his parents do for a living?

They are real estate agents.

If you’re a real estate professional, that probably comes as no surprise to you.

Look, real estate agents are busy. Any real estate agent knows that even though it’s one job, it’s actually more like sixteen jobs. On any given day, you could be playing the role of salesperson, advisor, administrator, chauffeur, coordinator, hand-holder, negotiator, and on, and on, and on. And, more than just about any other profession, realtors are expected to be accessible at any moment. So, in order to have any sense of work-life balance, it’s important for real estate agents to take advantage of every time-saving opportunity they can. While, of course, not sacrificing quality or customer service.

Here are the top five hacks every realtor should use to save time, while still providing top-notch service:

Create and use email templates.

If you’ve done more than two transactions, you probably have already noticed that while every client and every sale is unique, there are certain steps that happen in every transaction. There’s no reason to draft the same email to follow-up after a listing appointment every single time. If you have these email templates ready to go, you can send these emails in less than a minute.

Go paperless; get a tablet.

You may think of going paperless as more of a tree-saver than a time-saver, but it really is. It saves the time it takes to print and organize binders of listings or market comparisons. Plus, how many times have you been with a client, and they asked for a referral to a loan provider or home inspector? You probably told them you could send them an email with recommendations when you returned to the office. If you combine using a tablet with the email templates mentioned above, you can send them your pre-drafted email with recommended loan providers while you’re standing there talking to them. Plus, the bigger screen on a tablet is better than a phone for showing clients pictures of properties, and for signing documents.

Track your time.

Spend a week or two tracking your time using whatever method works for you: handwritten calendar entries, notes jotted on a phone app, or time-tracking software, like Time Doctor or Harvest. Once you see how you’re spending your time, you might notice that you are spending way more time than you should be on tasks that don’t produce results. Tracking your time can also help you identify tasks you spend a lot of time on, but that could be delegated or automated.

Use Eva to automate client gifting.

Referrals and repeat customers make up about 30% of the average realtor’s business, and a lot more than that for some. So, maintaining relationships with past clients is a top priority. But keeping track of every client, reaching out at appropriate moments, sending them occasional newsletters or home anniversary gifts… all of the work you do to manage client relationships is time-consuming. With Eva, you can automate sending birthday gifts, closing gifts, and home anniversary gifts, while at the same time ensuring that your clients will get a gift they love. Eva isn’t just a time-saver, it’s a life-saver.

Be strategic about phone calls, emails and texts.

Phone calls are great for getting immediate responses, or to make sure your client is getting that personal touch they may need. However, phone calls can also devolve into longer conversations when all you needed was a quick yes or no. When you’re deciding how to contact a client, take into account your own time. Of course, in getting to know your clients, you may realize that they don’t like texts, or they never answer their phone. Choosing the right method of communication for the right moment and the right client can save you time and hassle.

Bottom Line:

Real estate agents are busy, but there are many ways they can manage their time. Automating client gifts using Eva is a great way to save time while delighting your clients.