November 8, 2018

The Eva Experience

Have you ever sent a client a gift, only to find out it was a terrible fit for them?

The Eva Experience

Have you ever sent a client a gift, only to find out it was a terrible fit for them? A coffee shop gift card for someone who hates coffee? A bottle of wine for a teetotaler? The newest tech gadget for a Luddite?

It’s embarrassing. It creates a negative experience for your client. Even worse, it makes them associate you with an uncomfortable situation. And it makes them feel like you don’t really know them that well. No one wins here.

Recently, I was on the receiving end of a gift picked out by Eva, the Personal Gifting Assistant from EvaBot. Not only was the entire experience fun, but in the end I got a gift I loved. And isn’t that what you want for your clients?

Here's what your clients can expect when you send them a gift using Eva:

First Contact

I got an email from my colleague, Rabi, saying he wanted to send me a gift using EvaBot. Eva was cc’ed on the email and Rabi let me know Eva would take it from there. Great. So far, I don’t have to do anything. I love it.

The Chat

Eva's so nice!

Eva sent me a fun and friendly email with a link to chat with her. In the chat, she asked a few really simple questions (e.g. Coffee or tea?, Sweet or salty?, etc.). It only took about a minute to chat with her. Answering questions about things I like is super easy. And kind of fun, really. Who doesn’t love an opportunity to think about things they love? Like coffee. Mmmmm. Or tea, if that’s your thing.

Sidenote: There is something way more fun and satisfying about providing your shipping info in a chat setting than in a boring form.

Eva also makes the whole process way less awkward. You know what I mean. If a person says to me, “I want to get you something. What do you like?” I would hem and haw, and probably say something like, “Oh, you don’t need to get me anything!” There’s this pressure to act like you don’t *want* a gift (even though, let’s be real, everyone loves a thoughtful gift). But with Eva, those social anxieties aren’t there. Eva is a friendly robot, and all her entire purpose is to find you the perfect gift. She doesn’t judge.

Eva also gave me the option to send a little message to Rabi, which was nice, and offered me a chance to sign up with EvaBot and earn a $30 credit toward the first gift I sent. Which I did, and I highly recommend.


Eva kept me updated about when my gift had shipped, and sent me tracking link so I wouldn’t miss it when it was delivered. But what exactly I would be getting was kept a surprise. And yet, thanks to my chat with Eva, I didn’t have anxiety that I might get something I didn’t want or wouldn’t like. No one likes that feeling.

The Perfect Gift

Yum! Mocha almonds and headphones were nestled underneath.

When my gift arrived, it was a perfect match for me. I got some bluetooth headphones, a bag of coffee (which was DELICIOUS), mocha almonds for my sweet tooth and cheddar curls for those salty cravings. Not one of these things ended up in the junk drawer. My family and I gobbled up the snacks almost immediately, The coffee fueled my husband and I for about a week. And I’ve got my headphones in right now. It was an absolute win across the board.

And, since Rabi is the one who sent me the gift, I now associate him with my awesome headphones every time I use them. Isn’t that what you want for your clients? For them to get something they love and associate it with you? If it is, you should ditch the generic gifts and try Eva.