April 11, 2019

The Best Gifts to Relieve Stress

Sending a gift is a great way to help out a stressed-out friend. Sending a gift with EvaBot means that you’ll be less stressed too!

The Best Gifts to Relieve Stress

Looking for a gift for someone in your life who is a bit like this?

Chances are good that you know someone who is, let’s say, ‘high-strung’ most of the time. Americans have reached record levels of stress and anxiety. More than 8 million American adults are suffering from serious psychological distress.

But what is causing our stress? Why are we so much more stressed out than we used to be? Some say it’s politics. Others think it’s money. Or it could be too much technology.

One theory, from Jean M.Twenge, author of Generation Me, is that “[o]ur relationships and community ties are weaker.” And it’s true that being involved in your community, and having strong relationships can have a positive impact on your emotional well-being.

So, just giving your stressed out pal a gift at all might help relieve some of their stress by strengthening your relationship. When people are stressed they often isolate themselves, even though that’s when they need their relationships the most.

But, what about your stress? What about the stress of choosing the perfect gift to soothe your friend’s fried nerves? Not to worry! EvaBot has you covered.

EvaBot has a catalog of hundreds of curated products, from which Eva, a friendly chatbot will choose a perfect gift for your friend. That way you aren’t stressed about choosing a gift, and they are less stressed because they get a gift they love from a supportive friend. And they have a little fun in the process.

Here are some of the gifts Eva might send to help alleviate stress:


One great way to relieve stress is getting a massage. But when hitting up a spa isn’t possible, these at-home gadgets can help.

The Ultimate 1020 TENS and EMS Pulse Massager

This might not be what you picture when you think of a massager, but this device uses transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) and electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) to relieve muscle tension and pain.

The Breo IScalp Massager

This scalp and body massager employs traditional massage methods to emulate a professional masseuse without the expense, and without having to leave the house!

Squegg, the Smart Strength Device

This is a unique, smart squeeze ball designed to improve grip strength and relieve stress. Not exactly a massage, but a great way to physically relieve some stress.


Chocolate relieves stress. Do we really have to say more?

Various sweets from Recchiuti Confections

Recchiuti Confections are some of the most delicious gourmet chocolates you’ll find. With incredible and unique flavor combinations, like Kona Coffee and Ginger Heart, chocolate lovers won’t be disappointed.

Various sweets from Seattle Chocolate

Seattle Chocolates aren’t just delicious, they are so satisfyingly pretty, too. Several different collections from Seattle Chocolates are available for Eva to choose from.

Various sweets from TCHO Chocolates

If you’ve never tried TCHO chocolate before, you’re in for a treat. It is some of the best chocolate in the world.


Drinking tea can relieve stress, and not just from the ingredients in the tea, but because of the ritual.

Rosalitea Tea Set

This clay teapot and cups is a special kind of tea set. The clay absorbs the flavor and color of the tea over time.

Rosalitea Tea Collection

This extensive collection of high quality tea from Rosalitea has something for everyone, and something for every mood.

Tealish Brew-In Mug

These beautiful mugs are the perfect way to make the perfect cup. They come with a stainless steel tea infuser and a bamboo lid.


Taking photos can be therapeutic. And having photos of loved ones can be a great reminder of your support system, and your close relationships (which can help with stress, remember). These photo gifts are a great way to take and display photos that will keep you sane.

Polaroid Cube and One Step 2

The Polaroid Cube takes HD videos and photos, and can mount to helmets, skateboards or bikes, to capture life’s greatest adventures. The One Step 2 is the most recent iteration of the classic Polaroid camera that prints photos immediately.

Xenvo Pro Lens Kit

This wide-angle lens turns your smartphone camera into a professional grade machine. No dark corners, no curved lines, just perfect, high-quality photos.

Firebox Photo Printer

This printer allows you to print your digital photos with some fun augmented reality add-ons.

NixPlay Iris Cloud Frame

This frame is the perfect way to display photos of all the important people in your life. Plus, it can connect to other frames, so you can share pictures across devices.

Keeping Track

One thing that is extremely stressful is misplacing things. But, luckily, there are all kinds of cool gadgets to help you keep track of your stuff.

Tile Mate

A Tile mate can attach to whatever it is you’re most likely to misplace: keys, bags, wallets, anything you just can’t bear to lose.

Cross TrackR Pen

Is there anything more annoying than not being able to find a pen when you need one? That never needs to happen again.

Curv Group KeySmart Pro

If you have a lot of keys to keep track of, this helps you organize them all in one place without being a bulky mess. Plus, it’s got a built in Tile tracker, and a flashlight.

Bottom Line

Sending a gift is a great way to help out a stressed-out friend. Sending a gift with EvaBot means that you’ll be less stressed too!