December 13, 2018

The Best AI Tools for Real Estate Agents

How can realtors use AI? Lots of ways! AI tools like EvaBot take a task off your plate almost completely, while tools like kvCore help you prioritize the tasks that you still have to do yourself. Either way, AI tools are a great way to make your life easier.

The Best AI Tools for Real Estate Agents

“EvaBot has saved me so much time. What other AI tools would make my job easier?”

This question (or some version of it) is one we here at EvaBot get all the time. AI tools for real estate agents are everywhere these days, but not everyone knows about them. And it can be hard to navigate the ever-expanding AI landscape to find the tools that will actually save you time, make your work simpler, and help you earn more.

There are lots of really useful AI tools for realtors out there, you just have to know where to find them. The best AI tools are ones that:

  • take a task that you already do and automate it, freeing you up to do some of the more complex work;
  • perform a task that you have been unable to do, but that will generate more business for you without you spending any extra time; or
  • help you prioritize your tasks so that you are using your time to the maximum benefit for your business.

With that in mind, here are our recommendations for the best AI tools for real estate agents:


Sometimes the hardest thing is just knowing which task to put your energy toward. Which lead has the highest likelihood of turning into a sale? Which task must be completed today in order to be effective and which will be just as valuable if I do it tomorrow? Even worse, you can spend hours just trying to figure out what to prioritize, only to realize you chose the wrong thing!

There's gotta be a better way.

kvCore is a tool that optimizes lead generation and workflow. The AI determines what tasks will be the most productive and can prioritize your to do list for you each day. It also keeps tabs on leads, even going so far as to suggest additional listings a buyer might be interested in or scheduling a showing.

If you’re on a team with dozens of listings and dozens of photos of each one, it can be hard to always find the photo you need at the drop of a hat. And as everyone knows, photos are essential in real estate. can make it so much easier to use your photos to their maximum potential. scans, sorts, and tags all of your photos. It can recognize interiors, exteriors, objects and even property condition. It also detects valuable home features that are selling points for many buyers. And, it can identify and label your photos with architectural styles.


Have you ever had a client seem annoyed that you were sending helpful, friendly reminders about upcoming deadlines, paperwork or meetings? Or had a client who needed constant reassuring emails? Which clients want bare bones, straight-to-the-point communication? And which ones want you to check in on a daily basis and ask about their new puppy?

Any excuse for a picture of a puppy!

That’s where Crystal comes in. Crystal uses AI analysis to determine a person’s communication preferences. Then, it provides you with tips on how to work effectively with that particular individual. It can suggest things like keeping meetings short and to the point, or using stories to illustrate points rather than data. Realtors can use this not only to determine how to best work with their clients, but to better understand the other professionals they work with on a regular basis.


Sending gifts is a great way to maintain and nurture business relationships. And it should be fun! But keeping track of everyone who should get a holiday gift, closing dates to send home anniversary gifts, and picking out the perfect gift for each and every person is time consuming. On the other hand, sending generic gifts is boring, and can even end up harming relationships.

Eva is the BEST at picking out gifts.

Meet Eva, a friendly gifting assistant. She also happens to be a chatbot. Eva helps you maintain great relationships with your clients through gifting, but takes the stress out of the process. All you have to do is send a gift recipient an email, and CC Eva and she will take care of the rest. She gets their shipping info, chooses a gift, and even packages it in a personalized box with a handwritten note, if you choose those options. This is a great way to maintain your relationships with potential future clients, while freeing up your time so you can focus on closing deals with your current clients.

Asia Holmes

When a potential buyer is interested in purchasing a new home, they might reach out to several realtors with initial inquiries. If one responds right away, and another takes hours or days to get back to them, it makes the buyer’s choice a bit easier. But, of course, you cannot be instantly available 100% of the time to answer every single inquiry.

But Asia Holmes can. Asia responds within minutes to new customer inquiries. Then, Asia asks follow-ups questions, even going so far as to set up an initial meeting or a first showing of a home. What sets Asia apart from some other chatbots is its very natural, conversational language. The buyer will likely never realize they were chatting with a bot. And you can take over the conversation seamlessly at any point, without a jarring transition.

Every realtor has had that moment when they realize that their nextdoor neighbor, best friend, brother-in-law, or even their own mom, has listed their house with someone else. It’s not a great feeling, and it leaves you wondering, How did this happen?

How could this have happened?! is designed to make sure it never happens again. It analyzes information about your existing contacts and looks at behaviors that suggest someone is likely to buy or sell a home soon. This way, you can be the first one to reach out and set up a time to grab a cup of coffee. Often, just putting yourself right in front of them at the moment when they are about to list their house will at least put you in the running.

The Bottom Line

How can realtors use AI? Lots of ways! AI tools like EvaBot take a task off your plate almost completely, while tools like kvCore help you prioritize the tasks that you still have to do yourself. Either way, AI tools are a great way to make your life easier.