November 27, 2019

Your Smart Home Holiday Gift Guide

Home automation is all the rage these days. Smart speakers, video doorbells, home security cameras, and even ovens are all doing more work than they ever have before. But with all the choices out there, how are you supposed to decide what to get?

Your Smart Home Holiday Gift Guide

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, or so they say.

There is a lot to love about the holiday season. But you’d be hard-pressed to find many people who are truly excited about all of their holiday shopping. In particular, many people struggle with gift ideas for corporate scenarios.

Whether it means buying a gift for a coworker, assistant, or important client, corporate gifting can stump even the most creative gift givers. Thank goodness, then, that there are a lot of holiday gift guides out there this time of year. But the truth is, most holiday gift guides boil down to one person’s opinion.

Eva’s data-driven Holiday Gift Guides are different.

A gift box and thank you note in the foreground, with an array of gifts, including, chocolate, coffee, and smart home devices blurred in the background.

Eva collects data and feedback not only from the people giving the gifts, but also from the people getting the gifts. And after shipping thousands of gifts we’ve got oodles of data to back up our holiday gift suggestions.

Home automation is all the rage these days. Smart speakers, video doorbells, home security cameras, and even ovens are all doing more work than they ever have before. So it makes sense that smart devices are at the top of a lot of Christmas lists. But with all the choices out there, how are you supposed to decide what to get?

Eva has shipped thousands of smart home devices as gifts over the past two years. And lucky for you, we’ve collected ratings and feedback from all of the recipients, so we know exactly which gifts people love to receive the most.

Geeni Smart Home

Geeni has an impressive stable of smart home outlets and bulbs, including this awesome outlet with built in wi-fi and USB charging stations.

A box for a geeni Switch + Charge, which is a smart home outlet with one regular outlet and two USB ports. The

With Geeni, you can turn on lights remotely, start your dehumidifier before you get home, and control any other appliances that plug into an outlet, all from an app on your phone.


Keysmart Pro with Tile Tracker is the holy grail of key accessories. It organizes up to ten of your keys into a neat little strip, which also contains a handy bottle opener. But what puts this device over the top is that you will never lose your keys again.

A Key Smart key organizer with Tile technology over a black and red background. Image shows several keys, a bottle opener, and flashlight. Text reads “Rechargeable up to 45 days per charge. Loop ring to attach car remote. Micro-USB charging port. Stainless hardware. Bottle Opener. Battery indicator. Tile Button. Flashlight.”

With Tile technology, you can find your keys wherever they are. If they are nearby, you can play a sound to locate them. And if you left them at, let’s say, the bar last night, you can GPS locate them using an app on your phone.


I have bought no fewer than five padlocks to use at the gym. And thanks to lost keys and forgotten combinations, I can’t unlock a single one of them.

The Tapplock Smart Fingerprint Padlock would really help me out. It unlocks with your fingerprint, OR via Bluetooth, OR with a morse code combination that you set yourself. So, there are three ways to unlock.

Black and yellow padlock with brand name Tapp in the foreground. A blue two pound dumbbell out of focus in the background.

And if, heaven forbid, you lose your fingerprint, you can program up to 100 fingerprints per lock, so you can just switch to another finger. You could probably even use a toe if you needed to.


Even if you have the awesome Keysmart pro (mentioned above), that still won’t let you lock and unlock your door with your phone.

In the foreground, a hand holds a cell phone, showing a screen with a pie chart, colored ¾ green, and the address 35 Clayton. Behind the hand is a door, slightly open, with a smart lock deadbolt and a modern doorknob.

The August Smart Lock Pro automatically locks your door behind you when you leave and unlocks it when you get home. It also has other cool features including tracking of who comes and goes and giving access to guests.


The ecobee smart thermostat not only lets you keep your home at the ideal temperature, it also provides energy savings. That’s good for your wallet and for the planet.

An ecobee smart thermostat shows a temperature of 75 degrees and an icon of a sun.

Smart thermostats from ecobee can be controlled from an app on your smartphone or tablet, or can respond to a voice command.

Still Can't Decide?

If you're still not excited about choosing holiday gifts, let Eva do the work for you. Eva provides a quick and easy way to send your clients the perfect gifts for the holidays.

Side-by-side images of two gift boxes from Eva. on the left is an open box with tea and cookies. On the left, the box contains a colorful array of tea, earbuds, and chocolates.

Our friendly gifting assistant, Eva, has a quick chat with the recipient to find out what they are interested in, and (equally important) what they don’t like. Then, a powerful algorithm selects a perfect combination of top-rated gifts. Check out our demo here to see how Eva makes gifting easy!

As an added bonus, if your recipient receives a product from KeySmart, such as the KeySmart with Tile Tracker, as part of their gift through Eva, they can get a discount on future KeySmart products by rating their KeySmart gift.

Check out our other data-driven holiday gift guides, too! Our top corporate gifts can be found here. And the best gifts for coffee-lovers can be found here.