Looking for the perfect gift for a coffee-lover? Chances are good more and more of the people in your life are craving a cup of joe. In 2017, a national survey commissioned by the National Coffee Association found that 64% of Americans drink at least a cup of coffee every day. The average American spends $1,110 annually on coffee. That’s a latte java.

Even more interesting is exactly how people spend money on coffee. Two things in particular to keep in mind when buying a gift for a coffee-lover:

  • People drink more home-brewed coffee than coffee shop java. 79% of the participants in the NCA study said they had brewed a cup of coffee at home the day before. Only 36% had purchased a coffee outside of their home the previous day.
  • Young people, in particular, are drinking more and more artisanal and gourmet coffee. According to the NCA report, “[t]he latest data shows a market shift toward high-quality, premium beverages, with younger demographics driving this change.”

So, while gift cards to popular coffee chains may seem like a convenient choice, it may not be the best option. Instead, choose gifts that allow your favorite coffee aficionado to brew the perfect, gourmet cup of coffee at home.

But that’s where things get time-consuming for you. If you’re not going to get a coffee shop gift card, what exactly should you buy? Even though you’ve eliminated some choices, it’s still takes time to choose a specific gift.

And that is where EvaBot comes in. EvaBot has an extensive catalog of curated, high-quality gifts for coffee-lovers. All you have to do is send your favorite coffee-lover an email or text with Eva cc’ed, and Eva will do the hard work of choosing the perfect coffee gift.

Here are a few of the awesome coffee gifts Eva sends to coffee aficionados:



Dripkit allows you to brew a delicious pour-over cup of coffee, even on the go. When my family went camping last summer, we packed a hand grinder, a bag of whole coffee beans, our pourover coffee dripper, our kettle, filters, and our mugs. Next summer, I’ll be using Dripkit.

Sudden Coffee

If the idea of instant coffee leaves a bad taste in your mouth, you’ve never tried Sudden Coffee. Sudden Coffee is single-origin instant coffee that doesn’t taste like coffee-flavored water. It was designed by an internationally-ranked barista and an engineer from Stanford. They know what they are doing.

Artisanal Coffee

As I mentioned above, younger people are opting more and more for gourmet coffee, but not just for the flavor. People want coffee that is single-origin and ethically-sourced. Eva can choose from several artisanal coffees, like Ritual, four barrel, Sightglass and Chapin. And for the most artisanal of all the artisanal coffees, there’s Port of Mokha, sourced from a region in Yemen that was one of the first places to ever cultivate coffee.

Molinari Wine-Infused Coffee

You read that right. Wine. Infused. Coffee. That’s like puppy-infused kittens. It won’t get you drunk, but you’ll get some of that wine flavor and smell, and you don’t even have to wait until happy hour. If it sounds a little weird, just think about the flavor notes for wine and coffee, and it starts to make more sense.


Camille Elyse Kona Coffee Caramels

Single-origin Kona coffee, plus a French recipe for caramels and a Hawaiian flair. Anyone who loves coffee and sweets is going to be in heaven with these. They satisfy the coffee craving and the sweet tooth at the same time.

Mariposa Biscotti

The perfect sweet snack to enjoy with your afternoon coffee pick-me-up. Packed with flavor, it’s up to you whether you want to dunk or just do a plain crunch. You can’t go wrong either way.

TCHO Blue Bottle Coffee Mokaccino Chocolate

If you’ve never had TCHO chocolate, you’re missing out. It’s some of the best chocolate in the world. And when you mix it with Blue Bottle Coffee? That’s just a recipe for YUM.

Note: Eva will ask recipients if they like sweet snacks, salty snacks or both. If they don’t like sweets, they won’t get sweets. So you don’t need to worry about a coffee-lover with absolutely no sweet tooth getting something they won’t like.

Bottom Line:

EvaBot is a great way to send the coffee-lover in your life the perfect gift!