December 27, 2018

Your New Year's Resolution: Delegate

Give yourself the gift of time with a New Year's resolution to delegate more!

Your New Year's Resolution: Delegate

New Year’s resolutions are easy to make and hard to keep. Why is that?

In part, it’s because our resolutions usually require willpower, work, or mental energy. Work out more, eat healthier, save more money. These are all great goals, and they are good for you in the long run. But in the short term, let’s be honest, they are hard.

So, this year, here’s a New Year’s resolution that’s easy to keep and will make your life simpler almost right away: delegate more.

Personal and Professional Delegating

You probably think of delegating mostly in a professional context. But with our increasing connectivity and the ever-expanding gig economy, the line between work and home life is getting blurrier and blurrier. Delegating personal projects can make your work life easier, and delegating professional tasks can make more time for your home life. You may not even realize how much time you spend on tasks that could be delegated to someone else. So, here are some things you may not have thought about delegating that can free you up to do things that are more productive, more relaxing, or more fun!

Grocery Shopping

How many trips do you make to the grocery store each month? And how much time do you spend there? If you add it all up, between traveling to and from the store and doing the actual shopping, it can be 10 hours per month. Even more if you have to corral kids while you shop.

But grocery delivery services, like Shipt, allow you to delegate the actual trip to the store to someone else. You still shop online, choosing the items you need from the comfort of your own home. But someone else spends the time walking the aisles, checking out, and driving to and from the store. Another way this saves time is that you’re less likely to forget to get something you need. Since you’re shopping from your home, you can just pop into your kitchen and check to make sure you’ve got everything you need. Plus, you can add to your order, right up until your shopper starts shopping.

Cost: Shipt is $14 per month or $99 per year, plus tips for your shoppers.


People often use Uber or Lyft when they don’t have access to a car, or can't operate one. But you can also use these services to delegate the task of driving. It frees you up to accomplish other things during the commute. People who take public transit often read, work or otherwise use this time to relax or be productive. But when you’re actually operating a car, it can be difficult to, for example, compose an important email or review documents.

By occasionally using Uber or Lyft for commuting, you use that time to do other tasks you can’t accomplish while driving. However, this can get expensive if you aren’t careful. It’s best used during non-peak hours and sparingly.

Cost: Varies widely by location and time


Especially if you regularly send thank you or congratulatory gifts as part of your business, you know that picking out thoughtful gifts and writing notes to every recipient can be time-consuming and stressful. Agonizing over whether you’ve chosen the right gift or worrying that a gift card will seem too impersonal is not a fun way to spend your time.

EvaBot is here to take that off your plate. With EvaBot, you simply send an email or text to the person receiving a gift and Eva, a friendly gifting bot, will take it from there. She has a quick, fun conversation with the recipient, collects their preferences and shipping information, and picks out the perfect gift. She’ll even include a handwritten note for you!

Cost: Free! You pay only for the gift and shipping and handling. Handwritten notes and branded boxes are available for an additional charge.

Odd Jobs

Putting together IKEA furniture, wall-mounting TVs, organizing closets, and even doing laundry. These chores might seem manageable on their own (or maybe not, no judgment), but when you think of all the time you spend on these kinds of tasks, it really adds up.

There are several platforms that let you outsource these jobs so that you can focus on other priorities. TaskRabbit is the most well-known service, but there are others, depending on what you need done and your location. Pre-screened workers are available to help with all kinds of odd jobs and tasks.

Cost: Varies by task and provider.

Bottom Line:

The New Year’s resolution that’s easiest to keep is one that makes your life easier. Delegating tasks, like grocery shopping or sending thank you gifts, will allow you to focus on your priorities in the new year.