November 19, 2018

Managing Holiday Gifts for Clients

EvaBot can send thoughtful, personalized gifts to your clients to show that you are thinking of them during the holidays.

Managing Holiday Gifts for Clients

The holidays are the perfect time to show how much you care.

Leaves falling, twinkling lights appearing, fireplaces crackling. The signs may be a little different depending on where you live, but they all lead to the same conclusion. Winter is on its way, and the holidays are upon us.

The holidays are a time to celebrate the most important relationships in our lives. Family, friends, and clients. We may not always think of our clients first during the holiday season, but your clients have a huge impact on your life. Some of them become friends, or colleagues. And the relationship isn’t only important to you, it’s important to them, too. You may have sold them their first home. Or their dream home. Or gave them the loan to start their business. Whatever it was, you had a big impact on their lives.

Plus, as anyone who relies on repeat customers and referrals can tell you, maintaining these relationships is crucial for your business. You want your clients to know that you are thinking of them and that you value them. Especially those who have already been repeat customers or have sent friends and family your way. A thoughtful gift during the holidays is a great way to do that.

So, now that you’ve decided to send holiday gifts to your clients, what should you buy them? Finding something personal for each client would take forever. But sending everyone something generic sort of misses the point of showing them that you care.

What NOT TO Give

Let’s start with eliminating some common, well-intended, but ultimately not-so-great options.

  1. Something with your name and face all over it. Pens with your name and phone number and calendars featuring your headshot are not gifts. They are marketing materials. They don’t send the message that you care about your clients. They send the message that you want them to care about you.
  2. Something that is generic. A gift card to a coffee shop or Amazon is pretty common these days. And it’s easy to see why. It’s convenient for you to buy and it is something that most people will use. But it won’t create a positive experience for your customer. They will know that everyone got the exact same gift they did. And what if they don’t like coffee? Or they don’t buy from Amazon? Then, not only is it a waste of money, but it may actually create a negative impression.
  3. Something ultra-trendy. It’s easy to get swept up in a fad, but resist buying your clients something that is currently very trendy, but might be out of style by next year. Keep it simple and classic.

What TO Give

What you want is to send each customer a gift they will truly like, appreciate and use. This can be incredibly time-consuming, but that’s where Eva comes in. Eva will chat with your clients to find out what they love. She’ll also make sure the client who avoids caffeine doesn’t get sent a bag of premium coffee beans, and the one who is a technophobe doesn’t get a smart gadget. Each client’s gift will be perfectly tailored to their tastes, without you having to spend hours on each gift.

The Bottom Line

EvaBot can send thoughtful, personalized gifts to your clients to show that you are thinking of them during the holidays.