February 21, 2019

How to Upgrade Your Gifting Game

If you want to really make an impression, you need to upgrade your gifting game. Read on for our “upgrades” to some cliché gifts.

How to Upgrade Your Gifting Game

When you think of cliché gifts, what do you think of? Flowers? Chocolates? Gift baskets?

These gifts are fine. But who wants a gift that is just ‘fine’? Who wants a gift they’ve gotten dozens of times before?

Giving a gift should be a moment to make a connection. If you give a cliché or overdone gift, the recipient probably won’t even remember it a month later. They won’t remember the gift and they won’t remember who gave it to them. It’s a missed opportunity.

If you want to really make an impression, you need to upgrade your gifting game. Upgrading doesn’t always mean spending more money. In fact, sometimes the upgrade is cheaper, but more impactful and memorable. Read on for our “upgrades” to some cliché gifts.


Sure, flowers are pretty. And they are such a traditional gift that you can hardly avoid them for certain occasions (*cough* Valentine’s Day *cough*). The trouble is, not only are they cliché and not particularly memorable, but they can get really expensive for something that is going to wither within a week or two.

The Upgrade: When you feel like flowers are the way to go, consider gifting a live plant instead. Houseplants, like succulents, offer some amazing benefits. Or you can get creative with an outdoor plant to go with their landscaping. A rosebush, peonies or hydrangeas are perennial plants that will keep blooming year after year. Isn’t that better than some cut flowers that will be losing their petals within a week and in the compost within a month?


Look, lots of people love chocolate. It’s delicious. But more and more people are looking for health conscious food options, or have allergies or restricted diets that wouldn’t allow them to eat chocolates. Even someone who previously loved chocolate may be on a new diet and your thoughtful gift could just end up in the trash. It’s not that chocolate isn’t great; it’s that it’s hard to know for sure whether it’s a great gift for a particular person.

The Upgrade: If you’re sure the recipient doesn’t have any food allergies, you could go with some fresh fruit, possibly even an edible arrangement. But if you’re not 100% sure, consider something food adjacent, like a gorgeous artisan berry bowl.

Bottle of Wine

Like chocolate, wine is a very common gift, but it has some of the same problems. What if the recipient doesn’t drink alcohol? Or is very particular about wine and doesn’t care for the specific bottle you chose?

The Upgrade: This water bottle/flask may be called the ‘Wine Bottle,’ but it’s also just a great water bottle. With this gift, you leave it up to the recipient whether they want to fill it with water, wine, or something stronger.

Dinner at a Fancy Restaurant

Dressing up and going out on the town for dinner at a fancy restaurant is lovely. But it’s also expensive. And sometimes, the experience doesn’t live up to the hype. So, while going out for a fancy dinner every once in awhile is great, it might not always be worth the expense.

The Upgrade: What’s better than eating out at a fancy restaurant for $200 a head? Learning to cook a meal that is every bit as delicious. Cooking classes are offered in just about every city. They get to eat the delicious meal they cook in class, and now they know how to make that meal forever. And they’ll think of you every time they do.


Jewelry is extremely personal. People can be picky. And even couples that have been together forever aren’t always great at choosing something their partner will actually wear. Plus, there is a huge range in quality and price that can be hard to navigate. And some people don’t like or wear jewelry at all.

The Upgrade: If you’re going to get someone a trinket to wear, at least get one that’s functional. Fitness trackers and wearable tech offer sleep tracking, emergency notifications and even augmented soundscapes. You might still run into some issues with personal style, but at least in this case you’re getting something that serves a purpose.


Every man over 40 has probably received a tie or a pair of socks as a gift at some point. They usually end up in a drawer or the back of the closet with the tags still on three years later. Sometimes it’s a matter of personal style, sometimes it’s just that they already have enough socks or ties in the rotation. Either way, it’s not exactly a memorable gift.

The Upgrade: If a wardrobe boost is what you’d like to give, consider gifting a clothing box subscription for a few months. This way, the recipient can have some say in what they will get, can choose from the options sent by a professional stylist, and will actually wear what they pick out, since they got to choose themselves.

Gift Baskets

People often default to a gift basket when they can’t decide what to buy as a gift. But gift baskets often feel impersonal. Plus, even if you include a few things that they love, you’re also almost guaranteed to include something they don’t like. There’s always that one thing that just gets thrown out or sits in the cupboard forever.

The Upgrade: The trouble with a lot of gifts is that you can’t be sure the recipient will like it. But what if you could? EvaBot creates personalized gift boxes for each individual recipient based on their likes, preferences and tastes. This way you don’t have to worry about accidentally buying them something they are allergic to, or something that’s not their style. Even better, if they love some of these traditional gifts, like chocolates or wine, they can still get them with EvaBot. But you don’t have to worry about whether they will like it. They have a say in curating the gift box, so it’s sure to be a hit.

Bottom Line

Ditch the tired, cliché gifts and upgrade your gifting game. Try EvaBot to make sure you give a gift the recipient is sure to love.