December 6, 2018

The Hard-To-Shop-For Holiday Gift Guide

No one is impossible to buy for, but some people make it really hard. Make it easier on yourself (and more fun for them!) by using EvaBot for the trickiest people on your list.

The Hard-To-Shop-For Holiday Gift Guide

We all know someone who is impossible to shop for. You probably put off getting something for them, waiting for inspiration to strike. If you’re anything like me, that results in you scrambling to find something acceptable on December 23rd.

But it doesn’t have to be this way! Here are some simple, quick and easy holiday gift ideas for the people in your life who make gift-giving hard.

The Minimalist

Minimalism is incredibly popular right now. Everyone seems to be going full Marie Kondo on their homes, which makes it really difficult to find them the perfect gift. In these cases, many people default to something that doesn’t take up space, like a gift certificate to a restaurant, or plain old cash.

But those gifts can feel a little impersonal. Instead, try purchasing an experience for the two of you to do together. It should be something fun that you both enjoy. There are lots of options, like concert tickets, cooking classes or sporting events. Or, if you’re more adventurous, consider skydiving, racecar driving or flight lessons.

The Newbie

Buying someone a gift for the first time is always tricky. Whether it’s a family member’s new love interest, or a new member of your social circle, you just don’t know them that well yet. And it can be awkward to try to guess what they might like. Gift cards are a common choice in these situations, as are generic gifts like mugs, ornaments or inspirational home decor.

But, if you want to make a better first impression, consider something a little different. Sending them a gift using EvaBot would be a great option, especially if they don’t live nearby. Eva, a friendly gifting assistant, will chat with them, get all their info and send a perfect gift directly to their doorstep. You can even have Eva include a handwritten note. Plus, you’ll get a notice of exactly what they will receive, so you can learn a little bit about them. It’s a built-in conversation starter for the next time you see them. “I saw Eva sent you some premium coffee. I’m a coffee-holic, too!” Instant besties.

The Martyr

We all know someone who says, “Oh, you don’t need to get me anything,” like they think they are saving the world by declining a holiday gift. But giving gifts is fun! Someone who thinks they are being gracious by saying they don’t want anything is really stealing the joy of giving from others. But, joy thief or not, once they’ve said they don’t want anything, it’s really hard to figure out what to get them.

You could go ahead and not get them anything. But then you'll have to deal with questions like, "Why didn't you get anything for Karen?" from other family members.

One option for this set is to make a donation to a charity in their name. Even better if it's one that they have a particular interest in, or that has an interesting, tangible mission. Heifer International, for example, structures its donations based on the cost of animals that help families generate income. A few years ago, I donated a goat in my sister-in-law’s name. As an animal lover, she really appreciated that.

The Critic

Some people are just never satisfied with the gift they receive. You can spend hours, days, or weeks trying to come up the perfect gift for them. You take into account their likes, dislikes, hobbies, and interests, all for naught. Even gift cards can be tricky here. I once bought someone a gift card to their favorite make-up boutique, only to find out they had ditched that company and moved on to a new one. You just can’t win.

For these folks, consider asking them flat out what they would like. But if you do this, DO NOT deviate from exactly what they ask for. If they ask for a particular set of wine glasses, don’t get them different wine glasses. Trust me.

Or, you could use EvaBot. The beauty of EvaBot in this case is that you don’t have to personally ask them what they want (which would give them an opportunity to morph into The Martyr). Plus, the specific gift they get will remain a surprise. But it will be something they love, because it’s based on their conversation with Eva.

The Dad

Seriously, why are dads so hard to shop for? I can never think of anything great to get my dad. And if I get him something once that he likes, I default to a variation on that for the next several years. That’s how he ended up with about twenty brainteaser puzzles.

But if your dad likes gadgets, coffee, alcohol, tea, sweets, snacks or all of the above, Eva can pick out a perfect gift for him. Never buy your dad another pair of socks (or another brainteaser) again. Let Eva find him something he will love.

The Bottom Line

No one is impossible to buy for, but some people make it really hard. Make it easier on yourself (and more fun for them!) by using EvaBot for the trickiest people on your list.

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