December 20, 2018

Finding Your New Favorite Things

Finding Your New Favorite Things

Raindrops on roses, whiskers on kittens and an awesome new pair of wireless bluetooth earbuds. Isn’t that how the song goes? Maybe not, but either way, these are a few of my favorite things.

But finding a *new* favorite thing isn’t as easy as humming a tune. If you’re like me, you’re constantly torn between sticking with what you know is reliable and checking out something new, which could turn out to be amazing. Or could turn out to be a total dud.

So, what are the best ways to find new things you’ll love? How can you minimize the duds and maximize the heart-eye emojis? Here are some of the best ways to try out new products with less chance of wasting your precious time and money.

Personal Recommendations

You probably already know which people in your life really know what you like. As well-meaning as Aunt Edna may be, she might not always *get* your style. But maybe your sister-in-law always has the best recommendations for new music, your co-worker has the inside scoop on the most bingeable podcasts, or your next-door neighbor has never steered you wrong with a restaurant recommendation.

It does take some trial and error to figure out which people in your life really *get* you, but once you nail it down, personal recommendations are a great way to find your favorite new thing. But remember, just because they *love* you (hi again, Aunt Edna), doesn’t mean they get your taste.

The Same, But Different

Another way to find new favorites is to check out the latest projects from creators that you already know and love. For example, if you’ve read and loved everything Margaret Atwood has ever written, chances are good that you’ll like her next book, too. Or if you find out that the inventor of your favorite app has a new startup, you’re definitely going to check it out.  

This has a pretty high success rate, because you really will probably love the newest thing from a creator you love. The trouble is, is it really ‘new’? Sometimes the answer is ‘yes,’ and sometimes the answer is ‘no, but that’s okay.’ But if you’re really looking for something new and different, sticking with the same creators won’t usually get you there.

Expert Recommendations

Unlike personal recommendations, expert recommendations aren’t necessarily about someone knowing what *you* like, but knowing a lot about a particular thing. This is like asking the waiter at a restaurant what the best item on the menu is. Often expert recommendations will come with enough qualifiers and explanations that you’ll be able to tell whether this particular expert recommendation is for you. But sometimes that’s just not the case, and while the recommendation may be objectively good, it’s just not your taste.


Some of my favorite things of all time were gifts. Books, favorite clothes, even a vacation that was paid for and planned by someone else. Similar to personal recommendations, though, sometimes gifts can be a miss. For example, that sister-in-law with the great taste in music? She may not be the best at picking out clothes for you. And Aunt Edna, bless her heart, just can’t stop buying you decorative hand towels that only come out when she visits.

EvaBot, however, has curated a catalog of high-quality products. Then Eva, the friendly gifting assistant, chooses the perfect items for the recipient. For example, my wireless headphones arrived in a gift box put together by Eva. And they are the best. All other headphones are dead to me now. Because EvaBot has expertly chosen the best products in dozens of categories, *and* Eva got to know me and my personal preferences, I got the benefit of both an expert *and* a personal recommendation. So, thanks to EvaBot, I have a new favorite thing.

The Bottom Line

It’s not always easy to find new things that you will love. But thanks to expert curation and a friendly chat with Eva, a gift from EvaBot is sure to include your new favorite things!