January 7, 2019

Commercial Closings: the Best Real Estate Gifts for the New Year

Choosing the right gifts for commercial property buyers can create lasting relationships that are as beneficial as they are fulfilling. Evabot brings all of the best ideas into one place.

Commercial Closings: the Best Real Estate Gifts for the New Year

What is it that sets realtors apart from other professionals? If you’ve ever been to an open house where you could smell cookies baking, or seen a realtor out in a rainstorm putting up signs, you know that it’s their commitment to their clients. They are deeply invested in their customers, and those customers often become friends.

The reason for this is simple: buying and selling properties, whether personal or commercial, is usually one of the most fraught processes people experience. On the scale of stressors for life, it ranks second among all events, right behind divorce.

It makes sense, then, that the best realtors would engage in positive, appropriate personal touches throughout the entire process. From developing and maintaining goodwill among past, present and future clients to celebrating a successful closing with a thoughtfully sourced gift, they aim to make things more exciting and less stressful. According to Realtor magazine, almost 77 percent of its readers have given closing gifts to their clients.

Commercial Real Estate (CRE): It’s a Long Game

The personal network and the closing gift are two bookends of the same concept. While one begins the process and the other celebrates its conclusion, both drive to the same larger end: building a successful and sustainable business for the realtor in question. In the world of commercial real estate (CRE), this strategy is particularly important for developing repeat business. While a residential realtor may sell one or two houses to the same family, a commercial realtor has investors, who  buy and sell as their primary business model, as clients. One happy customer can be the foundation of a successful quarter or more.

In fact, 2019 figures predict the CRE space to outpace its cohort: recently, a survey of 500 global investors showed that 97 percent of respondents intended to make increased capital commitments in 2019. When we consider that in the first half of 2018, CRE transaction volume in the U.S. increased 11 percent year-on-year to the tune of $122 billion, it’s not hard to see that this is one space where it pays to make the client happy. One of the fastest (and most lasting) ways to make a positive impression on a client is through marking milestones with appropriate, memorable gifts that both reflect their brand and celebrate their success.

But how do you ensure that you’re striking the right tone every time? And how do you find the time to source truly thoughtful and personal gifts without running yourself ragged or breaking the bank?

Enter Evabot, the artificial intelligence (AI) personal assistant. Eva takes the work out of your work, and, with only a little front-loading on your part, provides the perfect gift to each client, every time.

How She Works:

1.  Create a list of your gift recipients and the price range you’d like to stick to (you can make changes to prices and handwritten notes any time before the gift is packaged).

2.  Send the recipient a text with a link to chat with Eva. Or cc Eva on an email letting the recipient know you are sending a gift. She will take it from there!

3.  Your work is done. No, really. Eva takes it from here: she will contact your recipient and chat with them to get a handle on their ideal gift. She then selects the items from a catalog of over 300 choices, boxes them beautifully, includes a hand-written note on your behalf, and ships the gift directly to your lucky client.

To Brand or Not to Brand?

Branded products have their place, as marketing materials. But they don’t make great gifts. No matter how nice the branded item is, the recipient will know that it’s only partially about giving them a thoughtful gift. Because it’s partially about putting your branding in front of people.

But, Evabot completely understands the power of a tastefully positioned brand. That's why we offer handwritten branded postcards that bring a personal touch to your professional face. We store them, and send them out when appropriate, complete with a custom message that puts generic sayings to shame.

Sending something that requires packaging? A branded box introduces a gift in a way that transforms it into a professional statement. Increase brand awareness and cement customer relationships in one smart move.

Who Gets What

Customizing gift ideas for business owners is essential. However, according to the National Association of Realtors, most agents don’t have the practice of gifting down to an art. Their gift ideas tend toward the predictable: when realtor.org polled its readers on this issue, nearly 50 percent of responders reported that they liked to give plants or flowers.

As you grow your business and long-term client relationships, providing the right gift at the right price point for each CRE closing is crucial. Again, Evabot has you covered: Eva can choose from an extensive catalog of curated gifts that your clients will be sure to love!

Let’s look at a few gift ideas in price ranges that say anything from “Thanks! That was a fun outing!” to, “Wow! Can’t wait to see the skyline when your building goes up!” And the beauty of Eva is that you aren’t the one that has to put these combinations together. Eva will find out what they love and send them something unique every time. Whatever your commercial business owner’s personality, Evabot is sure to have them covered. Remember, these are just examples of what Eva has to choose from for your customers. Your clients will get a unique gift chosen especially for them.

The techie

This start-up CRE investor loves to buy into shared workspaces and sees no problem in their people whizzing around the refinished loft floors on scooters or old-school roller skates. Note: this is not the demo for the super-traditional desk set.

  • DripKit - Colombia El Mirador, $2.45 + Ritual Coffee - Nelson Ramirez, Honduras Coffee, $20.50
  • IntelliARMOR – IntelliPLUG, $24.95
  • Sphero - Mini (orange), $49.99
  • Polaroid Originals - One Step 2 VF (Granite), $119.99
  • August Locks - August Smart Lock Pro, $229

The green god (or goddess)

This commercial investor always considers the Earth and their impact on it, yet somehow also has an incredible eye for the next hot spot.

  • Granola Girl – Fancy Cherry Pistachio, $9.50
  • Recchiuti Confections - Key Lime Apples, $25
  • Rosali Tea - Yixing Tea Set, $69

The number cruncher

Your more traditional CRE guy or gal. They’ve got the bottom line at heart, and their investment decisions are as sound as their reasoning and common sense.

  • Bitters + Bottles – Izola  ZYX Flask, $30
  • Izola - Gold 3oz Flask, $36
  • Xenvo - Pro Lens Kit, $39.99
  • Cross - TrackR Pen medium box, $95

Final thoughts

Choosing the right gifts for commercial property buyers can create lasting relationships that are as beneficial as they are fulfilling. Evabot brings all of the best ideas into one place.