January 14, 2019

Artificial Intelligence is Improving Professional Relationships

AI is changing the way that professionals interact with colleagues and customers, with a surprisingly positive impact.

Artificial Intelligence is Improving Professional Relationships

Modern technology has changed how virtually every task is handled by businesses today. If you look at current marketing endeavors from successful companies, you’ll notice that most focus on engagement and personalization. These are key contributors to growth. Modern AI-based solutions are designed for this, which is proving to be hugely beneficial to maintaining and growing professional relationships.

Those who have watched the Terminator movies one too many times may have reservations about machine learning. However, the reality is that the technology is highly beneficial for building relationships in today’s markets. AI is changing business communications, which helps in cultivating positive professional relationships.

Workplace interactions and AI

While AI is applied in a variety of industries to improve tasks like security, it also plays a significant role in assisting human communications. The study and application of tasks like language analytics and behavior profiling are helping some businesses provide cutting-edge technology, like those designed to prevent sophisticated phishing scams. The same underlying intelligence is also being used to build good business relationships. It can even find the perfect gifts for business connections!

Language assessment applications will soon help to improve interpersonal dynamics in the workplace. Intuitive systems use deep learning to build behavior profiles based on language in digital communications. One way business AI systems do this is by learning to detect specific aggressions. This can help prevent anything from dangerous situations to more subtle (though still detrimental) attitudes, such as employee dissatisfaction. That’s right—AI can now directly contribute to better working relationships.

It also helps boost morale and job satisfaction in lots of different work environments. Many of the processes that are currently automated—or are becoming automated— are time-consuming, tedious, or unfulfilling. With busy work and hazardous tasks eliminated, employees can tackle more satisfying assignments.

Business intelligence systems that use AI provide managers with better insights on performance. These may in turn be adapted into useful coaching strategies or implemented as team-building exercises to build a strong collaborative environment. Engaged employees are more productive, which is great for improving the bottom line.

Supplementing the workforce with AI

Though artificial intelligence is slated to replace some jobs over the next six years, many roles are being augmented or redefined thanks to the additional insights provided by these systems. A net increase of almost 58 million jobs is expected in the next three years alone. Though this will likely cap off as the technology plateaus, it gives the workforce time to learn new skills that will prepare them for AI-driven businesses.

AI is also improving professional relationships by hiring and screening talent. While core competencies and professional experience speak to an individual’s ability to perform a role, these skills don’t typically reflect their demeanor and how well they will fit in at the company. Certain personalities are better suited for some jobs over others; certain business cultures will seek people that align with company values and existing staff.

Improving relationships with customers and vendors

AI also helps improve dynamics with external entities like prospective customers, existing clients, and vendors. Such relationships often incorporate less-direct interactions that extend beyond verbal or digital chats.

Although many companies operate entirely online, several models will always (well, maybe!) have a use for in-person interactions—but these can be enhanced with technology. For example, real estate agents are now incorporating VR to host open houses or to stage layouts. The data showing how users interact with the system can build profiles to gain insight into the interest in various elements of a property.

Another example is brick-and-mortar retail establishments equipped with security camera systems that have heat-mapping capabilities. Backend AI systems can analyze visual data to identify popular areas and dead spots which is useful for creating a more engaging layout for visitors.

With vendors, AI provides several useful tools that both assist with supply chains and help maintain healthy relationships. When it comes to purchasing, AI can help automate a lot of the tedious processes, which is particularly useful with large supply chain networks. This ties back to the morale benefits mentioned earlier, freeing employees to dedicate their time to more fulfilling projects. Plus, it mostly eliminates tensions that can arise with suppliers when orders are forgotten or not submitted on schedule.

For digital storefronts, AI can help identify new products or services for customers. Perhaps one of the most recognized applications of this ability is on Amazon’s product recommendation feature. If you shop on the site regularly, there’s a good chance that you’ve made an additional purchase because of a useful recommendation.

Giving gifts to professional contacts with AI

One of the most direct ways to engage and build and maintain great professional relationships is with acts of kindness. Reaching out to employees or customers with personal messages and sending gifts is a thoughtful way to express that you value them, and acknowledge their worth. After all, happy employees are the foundation of any successful business, just as customers are the driving force in a company’s growth.

Using AI to streamline your gift-giving to business connections is a prime example of enhancing real (and even personal) relationships with technology. Choosing presents that are appropriate for a specific recipient can be tricky. Putting artificial intelligence to use in this arena means the giftee will be happy, and the gifter won’t spend too much valuable time on choosing and sourcing items.

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